Saturday, 14 July 2012

A little bit of Ibiza fashion

I realise that recently I have completely neglected my little blog, due to the fact that I've been too busy having fun in the Balearic's. My plan was to take daily photos of the outfits which I planned for Ibiza, but the fact that I did not own a camera restricted me somewhat. The breakdown of my friend's camera on our first day succeeded in dashing my hopes entirely. However, I refuse to let this destroy my hopes of an Ibiza fashion post, and so I will share with you the pathetic amount of photos which we took on our phones. Quite the disaster.

This was our first night at Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar. We all decided to wear something nice to watch the sunset go down and have a jug or three of Sangria and Pimms. This was one of the few nights we decided to take more than one photo. I am wearing a white sparkly top from Topshop, a skirt from Urban Outfitters and my favourite black wedges from Office.

This is the one photo we took from our experience at the super club Space. It was an absolutely amazing experience, however I refuse to ever pay 15 euros for a gin and tonic EVER AGAIN. For this night, I decided to wear one of my favourite summer dresses from ASOS.

This was our first night in Ibiza, at a full moon party in the superclub Eden. For this, I decided to wear a white bikini with a blue and purple, mid length cover up I recently bought from Topshop. My sister, sat in the middle of the picture above, is wearing a cover up I bought last year from H + M.

Sorry to disappoint with my rubbish collection of holiday snaps! However, I am going to Madrid in a week so hopefully I can take more pictures of holiday outfits then with my new, working camera.

Love, Sally x

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