Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pastelle Nails

Just a quick post as I haven't done one in a while! Recently I've bought a few new nail varnishes, this being one of my favourites. I love the texture of it and the colour after a good two coats. I have always been a fan of Topshop nail varnishes and this shade does not dissapoint. It is easy to apply and has fairly good staying power.

Topshop nail varnish in Parma Violet| OPI Top Coat

Love, Sally x

University Outfit

Another OOTD post! Took this in the morning before I ventured to the student union to spend my day crying over revision and impending exams. I decided to wear my little pinafore dress that I bagged in the recent Urban Outfitters Sale. I put my cream Primark shirt underneath and an old Zara coat on top. With it, I wore my trusty Kurt Geiger heeled boots and a Patrick Cox bag that I recieved for my birthday.

Coat - Zara| Shirt- Primark| Pinafore Dress- Urban Outfitters| Bag- Patrick Cox at TK Maxx| Shoes- Kurt Geiger
Love, Sally x

Lipstick Love

For my next post I thought I'd share with you all my deep and unrequited love for lipstick. Because of my blond hair and fair skin, I am an absolute SUCKER for red lips. However, recently I have branched out into lighter, sheer shades.

YSL - Rouge Pur Couture in 1AAA| Gosh - Velvet Touch Lipstick in 145| Miss Sporty - Perfect Colour Lipstick in 010 Part Girl| Sleek - Pout Polish SPF 15 in 947 Pink Cadillac

YSL - Rouge Pur Couture in 1AAA| Gosh - Velvet Touch Lipstick in 145| Miss Sporty - Perfect Colour Lipstick in 010 Part Girl| Sleek - Pout Polish SPF 15 in 947 Pink Cadillac

  YSL - Rouge Pur Couture in 1AAA| Gosh - Velvet Touch Lipstick in 145| Miss Sporty - Perfect Colour Lipstick in 010 Part Girl| Sleek - Pout Polish SPF 15 in 947 Pink Cadillac

So, I've chosen my four favourite lipsticks of the month. Firstly, there is my small indulgence in YSL. I love the depth of the colour and the smooth texture once first applied. This lipstick has real staying power, as I only need to re-apply a couple of times during a night out.

 YSL - Rouge Pur Couture in 1AAA

Love the packaging, but it is clearly not suited to photography (hence the lovely reflection of my camera).

Next is my absolute favourite, cheaper alternative to YSL. I found this little gem about two years ago and absolutely love it! It's pink/ coral hue works really well with my fair skin tone, and looks great on an evening or during the day. I am a big fan of moisturising lipsticks and this is just that. Its extremely easy to apply and keeps my lips soft.

 Gosh - Velvet Touch Lipstick in 145

I am aware that in this photo it may not look that different to it's pricey alternative, however I assure you it is! Perfect for a fan of moisture, gloss and coral hues.

Recently, I have fallen back in love with nude lipstick. As I was thinking about an appropriate lipstick for the awards ceremony I have recently attended, I realised that sometimes I can put the red lipstick down and choose a paler palette.
Miss Sporty - Perfect Colour Lipstick in 010 Party Girl

This again is a glossy lipstick. I really like the pink colour as it blends well with the natural pigmentation of my lips. This was an absolute steal at only £2.99 from Boots. However, I have to say that this doesn't have great staying power, and can potentially leave lips quite dry.

When I do have dry lips, I reach for my favourite Sleek Lip balm.

 Sleek - Pout Polish SPF 15 in 947 Pink Cadillac

This is great for day-wear as it's shiny but not sticky. It leaves my lips moisturised all day and is a must for holidays. For a big tub it's around the £5 mark, and believe me it's worth every penny.
Love, Sally x

Arts Show

I think it's time for me to do an OOTD post (or should I say OOTN - outfit of the night.) Last night me and the girls decided to go to Baltic 39 , to participate in the Late Shows, a free event that circulated around Newcastle's art scene. I decided to borrow my friend Mathilde's Kate Moss dress from Topshop. I was a bit hesitant that it wouldn't fit right as she's a size 6-10 and I'm a solid size 10. However, it did, so i paired it with Lizzie's purple blazer, tights and my black shoe boots from New Look.

Dress - Kate Moss at Topshop |Bag- Primark| Necklace - Topshop| Shoes - New Look| Blazer- Luxe

Dress - Kate Moss at Topshop |Bag- Primark| Necklace - Topshop| Shoes - New Look| Blazer- Luxe

Dress - Kate Moss at Topshop |Bag- Primark| Necklace - Topshop| Shoes - New Look| Blazer- Luxe| Charm Bracelet - Accesorize| Beaded Bracelets - H+M

Here are some photos of what we saw. Was an extremely good night (£1 for a glass of red wine), besides fearing for our lives in the hands of a blonde haired, arty eccentric.

Love, Sally x

Awards Show Preparation

Sooo, for my next blog post I thought I'd take you through a little bit of my routine as I get ready to go to the Media Awards at Newcastle University. Due to the unlucky fact that I have a lecture five while six and the Awards begin at seven, it seems I will have to get ready in our lovely student union TOILETS. So basically,good preparation is paramount. My plan is to get everything ready, except my outfit, by my lecture at 5pm, even if I risk being that girl who looks like she makes WAY to much effort to go to lectures.

Firstly, because I am rocking the unattractive pale skin tone I have so fortunately been blessed with, I decided a little bit of sunkiss would do me no end of favours. Last night, I applied a generous layer of Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion. I absolutely LOVE the colour this makes me without being patchy or streaky. It is one of my favourite gradual tanners, as well as Garnier's equivalent. I will also put a layer of Sally Hansen's Tights in a Tin on before I get dressed, as it is another fake tanner I cannot live without.

Secondly, I thought last night would be a good time to paint my nails, as I have the tendency to smudge my nail polish. Because I'm wearing a fairly nude dress, I thought a light hue with some glitter on top would be perfect. I'll be the first to admit, I have a secret love for tack, so I may have gone a bit overboard on the glitter. I used Model's Own polish in "Tropical Sun" with a coating of Revlon's number 261.

Before I got into bed, I cleansed and applied a layer of Soap & Glory's Night Cream, as it leaves me with clear skin and a more even skin tone.

Fortunately, I only managed to smudge my big toe as I got into bed not realising that my toes were tacky to say the least. Minor adjustment to make but no biggie. In the morning, I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to use a hair mask. I have tried LOADS of hair masks but my favourite is Lee Stafford's Treatment for Hair that Never Grows Past a Certain Length. WARNING - do not be fooled by that title. I seriously dont think that anything but nature and time has been the cause for my minor hair growth in the last couple of months. However, it does leave my hair so soft and after a few uses a lot stronger. I put a generous amount of the mask on and sit for about an hour.

Next, I let my hair dry naturally and put it in bendy rollers. Even though these make me look like a blonde, not-so-cute Curly Sue after I first remove them, I love the finished product after the curls have been shaking out a bit and heat has been applied. I feel that these are such a good alternative to layering my hair and using my GHD's to curl, as it's less effort and loads better for my hair. Because I've been blonde for about 4 years now, its nice to find kinder alternatives.
So for my make-up, I decided I'd look slightly bronzed with highlighter on my cheekbones and a brown smoky eye. However, after considering what lipstick to pair with this look, I decided I had none. For a while now, I have been a BIG fan of red lips, but for tonight, I decided I wanted a different hue. I can't decide between either of these yet but I'm thinking the darker one. Also, I recently treated myself to a new Loreal Million's Lashes mascara as it's my all time fave.

For my outfit I decided to re-wear one of my old dresses. I got this dress in H + M last year and aboslutely love it. I decided to pair it with my favourite, plain black slingbacks that I got for thirty quid in last year's Kurt Geiger sale and my fail-safe metallic clutch bag from Accesorize.

And thats it!! Now all I need to do is sit through my lecture, get changed in the toilets and get giddy off free champagne.

I also need to practise my dissapointed yet graciously understanding expression, as I'm pretty convinced I will not get the award for Best Feature Writer for which I am nominated. Hopefully pics of the completed outfit to come!

Love, Sally x